Niagara’s Gold

A mission with a payoff in the millions

How An Australian And NZ Team Salvaged Eight Tons Of Gold From A German Minefield.

In June 1940, shortly before the Battle of Britain, the Bank of England attempted to ship eight tons of gold to America to buy arms for the war against Germany. On 18 June, the ship carrying the gold, the “RMS Niagara”, hit a German mine and sank in deep water off the coast of New Zealand.

In the months that followed one man would invent a way of working up to 600 feet underwater, assemble a crew – Canadians, Australians, Englishmen, New Zealanders – aged between 16 and 75, refloat a rusting coastal steamer “Claymore”, then sail the lot into the middle of a minefield to begin searching for the “Niagara”.

More than fifty years later, the remarkable story that followed is finally told . . .

Niagaras Gold Book Jeff Maynard

“A factual retelling of one of the most remarkable missions of World War II. To recover 8 tons of gold from a sunken ship in the middle of a German minefield. Full of rivalry, ambition and intrigue, Niagara’s Gold reads more like a novel than a true historical account.” – Google Books

Jeff’s bestselling book about how a team of underdogs recovered 8 tons of British gold from a German minefield during World War Two is currently out of print. Please try online booksellers. For information about the revised edition that will be published in 2024, contact Netfield Publishing