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Jeff Maynard is an author and documentary maker specialising in historical subjects. Jeff is renowned for uncovering little-known, or long forgotten historical events. His research is undertaken over many years, and he uses that research to reveal character driven stories.

“I am a great believer in the adage ‘character drives plot’. History, if it is written as a series of dates and facts, reads like a timeline,” Jeff explains.
“But dramatic stories are driven by people and their motivations and conflicts. Those stories also have a structure; a beginning, middle and an end.”
“My books are unique in that they tell historical stories of people, while staying true to facts. I do not invent conversations, or speculate about information. When I quote a person, I will only use a quote attributed to that person, and I reference the source.”

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The Frontier Below

The past, present and future of our quest to go deeper underwater.

We do not see the ocean when we look at the water that blankets more than two thirds of our planet. We only see the entrance to it. Beyond that entrance is a world hostile to humans, yet critical to our survival. The first divers to enter that world held their breath and splashed beneath the surface, often clutching rocks to pull them down.

NEW – The Revised edition of ‘The Frontier Below’ will be released in Australia and the UK on April 11, and in the USA on June 14, and contains up to date information on the OceanGate Titan Submersible disaster.

The Frontier Below Book
The Frontier below Re-release April 2024
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Elevator Pitch for Authors

The Elevator Pitch for Authors

Most first time authors do not have the right attitude to the elevator pitch. They think they are selling the story, but they're not. Read ...
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Amelia Earhart Mystery
Amelia Earhart

The Other Amelia Earhart Mystery – Part 2

In 1928, Amelia Earhart was plucked from obscurity by publisher George Putnam and made famous. Her fame was based on her being a passenger on ...
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Critical Factors For New Authors

Critical Factors For New Authors

Many potential authors are talented, literate, and start a project, such as a novel, full of enthusiasm. At first the words are flowing onto the ...
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Discover the real Hubert Wilkins

The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins

From Netfield Publishing – a limited edition collectible hardcover revealing the untold story behind the enigmatic Australian polar explorer, pioneer aviator and Anzac photographer. Backed up by 25 years of painstaking research, this book has captured the imagination of history lovers everywhere.

“Wow! What a fabulous addition to the various books about Sir Hubert Wilkins that have been published to date. Jeff Maynard is certainly the #1 expert on Wilkins and the book brings him to life in a way that none of the others could have done.”
Saskia Praamsma, author of The Urantia Notebook of Sir Hubert Wilkins.

The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins

Jeff's ABC Interview

Listen to Jeff being interviewed about the life of Sir Hubert Willkins by Philip Clark on ABC's 'Nightlife History'

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