Author Mentoring

Are You an Emerging Author in Need of Support?

Many emerging authors have a good idea, along with a first or second draft of a manuscript with potential. But attracting an agent to represent them can be difficult.

Understanding the key elements of a professional book proposal, compelling blurb, marketing plan—even the essentials of an effective elevator pitch—appear daunting. And for many authors, the hardest thing to write about is themselves.

Jeff Maynard offers a manuscript assessment service for non-fiction authors. Unlike most manuscript reading services, there is no upfront fee. Jeff says, “I won’t waste my time and your money. Send me a brief outline and I will tell you whether or not I consider it worth pursuing, and why. If I believe it is worth pursuing, I will send you my rate card.”

Because of work load, Jeff will only mentor two, or at most, three people per year.

Get in touch with Jeff Maynard via the contact page.

Jeff Author Mentoring